Contains effective microorganisms and carbon rich organic fertilizer. Specially improve agriculture soil that generally lack of organic matter. As the result, it would revive soil condition for planting and improve crop roots growth.

Benefit of Rhino Active

  • Increase soil organic carbon content

  • Improve crop yield and productivity

  • Soil restructuring

  • Enhance effective microorganism in soil.

  • Enhance crop resistance against drought season.

  • Purify harmful substances contain in soil for example herbicide and pesticide.

  • Increase soil humus formation.

  • Prevent unexpected waste of fertilizer.

  • Improve crop roots growth.

  • Formula  3 + 3 + 3 + EM + Amino Acid.

Application Rate


Type of Plant Amount Frequency
New Plant 0.5kg – 1kg/palm (Inside Hole) First time
Mature Oil Palm 4kg – 5kg/palm Once a year
Flower, Vegetable & Herb 200g – 500g/m2 Once every 2 weeks
Young Fruit Tree 200g – 500g/tree Once every 2 weeks
Mature Fruit Tree 500g – 1kg/tree Once every 2 weeks
Small Potted Plant 1/2 tea spoon Once every 2 weeks
Big Potted Plant 1 tea spoon Once every 2 weeks


  • RhinoActive
  • RhinoActive