High quality fertilizer for all kind of young plant by providing sufficient nutrient in order to achieve high yield and healthy crops.

Benefit of Rhino Advance

  • Comprehensive formula for young plant.

  • Provide balance nutrient for all type of young crop.

  • Enhance crop resistance against disease.

  • Contain Amino Acid that help the crop to absorb all nutrients completely.

  • Ideal formulation for young oil palm, flower, tree and etc.

  • Formula 8 + 8 + 8 + Mg+ TE + Organic + EM + Amino Acid.

Application Rate


Type of Plant Amount Frequency
New Plant 0.5kg – 2kg/palm Use it two months after planting amount increase gradually until flowering
Flower 200g – 500g/m2 Once every 2 weeks
Young Fruit Tree 200g – 500g/tree Once every 2 weeks
Mature Fruit Tree 500g – 1kg/tree Once every 2 weeks
Small Potted Plant 1/2 tea spoon Once every 2 weeks
Big Potted Plant 1 tea spoon Once every 2 weeks


  • RhinoAdvance
  • RhinoAdvance