Active organic fertilizer that means for increase organic matter and soil microbes. Ideal for soil restructuring.

Benefit of Rhino Basic

  • Improve crop yield and quality.

  • Soil restructuring.

  • Enhance crop resistance against draught.

  • Enhance organic matter and effective microorganism in soil.

  • Improve soil ecological balance.

  • Ideal usage for sand and gravel land.

  • Formula 3 + 3 + 3 + EM

Application Rate

Suggest to apply 6kg-9kg/palm for oil palm planting on sand or gravel land.

Type of Plant Amount Frequency
New Plant 0.5kg – 1kg/palm (Inside Hole) First time
Mature Oil Palm 4kg – 5kg/palm Once a year
Flower, Vegetable & Herb 200g – 500g/m2 Once every 2 weeks
Young Fruit Tree 200g – 500g/tree Once every 2 weeks
Mature Fruit Tree 500g – 1kg/tree Once every 2 weeks
Small Potted Plant 1/2 tea spoon Once every 2 weeks
Big Potted Plant 1 tea spoon Once every 2 weeks

  • RhinoBasic
  • RhinoBasic