Comprehensive quality fertilizer – mixture of physical, chemical and biological characteristics. It combines organic and imported chemical matter, soil enhancer and effective microorganism to provide sufficient nutrients to achieve high-yield oil palm productivity.

Benefit of Rhino Plus

  • Perfect formula to improve oil palm quality and yield

  • Provides balance nutrition needed for oil palm growth.

  • Enhance the disease resistance of oil palm such as Ganoderma etc.

  • Boost the good growth of oil palm root system.

  • Contain Amino Acid that help the crop to absorb all nutrients completely.

  • Release all nutrients that solidated in soil.

  • Improve soil structure and water retention capability.

  • Ideal formulation for oil palm flowering and fruiting.

  • Formula  5 + 5 + 20 + 2Mg + TE + organic + EM + Amino Acid.

Application Rate


Type of Plant Amount Frequency
Mature Oil Palm 2.5kg – 3kg/palm Three months once


  • RhinoPlus
  • RhinoPlus